Nathalie Kozak

Nathalie Kozak graduated from NYU Abu Dhabi in June of 2018, with a degree in Theater and a minor in Creative Media. Much of her work throughout university was focused on writing. Nathalie has co-authored plays that have been part of renowned international theatre festivals, allowing her to travel to places like Australia. She also developed an interest for theatre theory, which has led to a passion for academic writing. From a young age, she has been in contact with education, particularly via private tutoring. Nathalie has helped several students from all ages improve their reading and writing skills. She is also a substitute teacher for The International School Nido de Aguilas, which has taught her to lead a classroom and quickly respond to the different needs of children. She hopes she can continue educating through most of her life, which is why she is excited to work as a teacher at Dream Big Study.