Magdalena Palavecino

Magdalena Palavecino is a recent graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles with a bachelors in human biology and a minor in global health. With her interdisciplinary background, Magdalena is passionate about the intersection between science and society as the holistic approach to successfully tackle challenges in healthcare management. This upcoming fall, she will begin a masters in healthcare management at Columbia University. She has ample experience tutoring college preparatory courses, and is excited to share her experience towards pursuing higher education.

Othmane Doukkali

Othmane graduated high school from Morocco. Studied International Economics and Management with Full Merit scholarship at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. Now Othmane is doing his Masters In Management at ESCP Europe Master Management.  He’s passionate about education and worked as an SAT tutor and as Managing Director at Addictest in Morocco. Othmane speaks fluent Arabic, French and English.

Josefina Dumay

Josefina Dumay graduated from NYU Abu Dhabi in June of 2019 with a degree in Literature & Creative Writing and a minor in Social Research & Public Policy.

She has extensive experience teaching reading and writing to both high school and university level students. She worked as a peer tutor at NYUAD’s Writing Center for two years, helping students at any stage of their writing process through one-on-one consultations. She worked as a writer and editor for The Gazelle, a student-led weekly publication. After graduating, she moved to Morocco to become a full time SAT teacher and college counselor.

She has guided hundreds of students through their application processes. All of these experiences and her passion for language and education drove her to cofound Dream Big Study.

Rabiya Imran

Rabiya is originally from Pakistan and attended NYU Abu Dhabi where she majored in Social Research & Public Policy and Legal Studies. She currently lives in Chicago where she works as a research assistant in sociology. In addition to her research she also works with various test prep companies teaching SAT, GRE, TOEFL and ESL classes. She hopes to begin her JD in the Fall at Loyola Law School Chicago as a recipient of the Thomas More Scholarship where she hopes to continue to pursue a career in public interest law.

Felipe Flores

Felipe Flores graduated from Harvard University in May 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology and a secondary in Physics. During his undergraduate studies, Felipe has done Breast Cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, working toward a senior honors thesis. He enjoys being a math course assistant. He was also a Schwarzman Scholar.

Gabriela Palavecino

Gabriela Palavecino recently graduated from her masters in civil engineering from Stanford University and in last June 2019 graduated from a bachelors in civil engineering with a concentration in statistics. Not only has she been heavily involved in the civil engineering department by being president of the ASCE student chapter on campus, but she has also explored entrepreneurial passions. Gabriela has interned at renowned tech companies and is a vivid researcher for Stanford’s Technology Ventures Program. In her free time, she enjoys listening to audio books about current events and cooking new recipes. Fun fact: During undergrad, Gabriela sent a cube satellite into space.

Omar Mesmoudi

Omar graduated high school from Morocco with a baccalaureate of science. He then got accepted into the African leadership Academy, a top boarding school in South Africa where he lived for two years. There, Omar studied leadership and entrepreneurship, alongside bustiness and African studies and worked on different social projects. He then took his skills and passion for education to Morocco where he worked for 6 months as an SAT tutor and college counselor. He accompanied hundreds of kids in their college application process, teaching math, english and essay writing. Omar is currently a sophomore at Augustana college in Illinois where he is double-majoring in political science and economics. While completing his studies, Omar continues to help students all over the world accomplish their goals and get access to opportunities.

Colomba Dumay

Colomba recently graduated from Bard College Berlin with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Politics, and Social Thought and a concentration in Economics. She has extensive experience working as a private tutor for school and college students. Particularly, she tutored students studying for their IB Economics exams in high school. At Bard Berlin, she was the university’s tutor for Mathematics, Economics, and Microeconomics. She plans to continue her economic research and become a professor. In the mean time, she looks forward to continue supporting students applying to universities abroad.

Noelle Barahona

Noelle Barahona is a mathematician and alpine skier who, at age 15, became the youngest skier to ever make it to the Olympics! Four Olympics later, Noelle retired from the slopes and spent more time teaching and studying. While studying Math and Statistics at Pontificia Universidad Católica, she also spent three years as a substitute teacher for all subjects at International School Nido de Águilas (grades K-12). She has tutored dozens of high school students at any math level — from grade school math to IB Mathematics and standardized test preparation. Currently, she studies Business at Universidad Andrés Bello.

Nathalie Kozak

Nathalie Kozak graduated from NYU Abu Dhabi in June of 2018, with a degree in Theater and a minor in Creative Media. Much of her work throughout university was focused on writing. Nathalie has co-authored plays that have been part of renowned international theatre festivals, allowing her to travel to places like Australia. She also developed an interest for theatre theory, which has led to a passion for academic writing. From a young age, she has been in contact with education, particularly via private tutoring. Nathalie has helped several students from all ages improve their reading and writing skills. She is also a substitute teacher for The International School Nido de Aguilas, which has taught her to lead a classroom and quickly respond to the different needs of children. She hopes she can continue educating through most of her life, which is why she is excited to work as a teacher at Dream Big Study.

Maea García

Maea has spent over 25 years in the fields of media & communication, entertainment, and online business development in Latin America. He has vast experience in project management & development, decision-making, and global analysis of complex situations. His soft skills make him an expert in human relations. He is interested in developing new technologies, teams of collaborators and outdoor activities. His passion for generating value through education abroad led him to cofound Dream Big Study, where he is in charge of administration and development of best practices.



My tutor was one of the teachers that marked my life the most. Always gave me the best advice in the verbal section of the SAT, and was also helpful with my college application essays. Was the main reason I succeeded in both.
My teacher is remarkable and hardworking. She helped me take my SATs with a completely deep knowledge of reading and writing. I recommend Dream Big Study way of teaching 100%
Josefina es una tremenda inspiradora. No solo ha colaborado con el aprendizaje de mi hijo, sino que ha sembrado sus ganas de aprender en ramos que no eran de su interés. Ha sido un gusto trabajar con ella y sentir su compromiso.
Carla Doval
Dream Big Study is helping me a lot with my SATs. My teacher makes sure that I get all the information, plus teaches me all the strategies and techniques that I need in order to obtain a good score. Plus, the classes are super fun!
Hafsa Mesmoudi